Takuro Osaka v2.0

GROUND-Appearance and Disappearance


Photo by Koichi Hayakawa


Photo by Kazumasa Sako

A sensor of plastic scintillator has been set up in this gallery to visualize the cosmic ray. The cosmic ray falls on the earth from the cosmos all the time.

Green light-emitting diodes ("LED") go out when plastic scintillator reacts to the cosmic ray, and their silhouettes remain. After a while, LED gradually begins to radiate their light. A thousand of LED repeat going on and off because countless cosmic rays come flying to our surroundings.

Birth and disappearance of the cosmos and lives are expressed in this work by using. The cosmic rays coming from explosion of supernovas. My intention is to tell about the world newly opened by science to people's mind from an artistic point of view.

*Scintillator, photomal, amplifier, LED, neon, cloth for tent.


"Catching the Light"1997 21 Nov.-23 Dec. O Art Museum (Tokyo)

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