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Lunar Project-Capture the Moonlight-

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Echigo-tsumari in Niigata prefecture is a site of Jomon culture. Thinking of the age of the lunar calendar, I tried to create mysterious scenery in this project with much moonlight on rice field in a mountain.

Opening day of the event, July 16, 2000, was the day of a long total eclipse of the moon we can meet once in 1800 years.

We prepared two kinds of mirrors made from stainless steel. One was 1500X1500 mm, and another was 1200X1200 mm. And the weight was 150kg. We changed an angle of the mirrors to lunar position because the position changes every day. Moonlight moved little by little from the front mirror to the back taking one-hour and half.

*Cooperators: Art front gallery, Matsunoyama-town, the National astronomical Observatory, Some art volunteer group.

" Lunar Project-Capture the Moonlight" 2000 16 Jul.-12 Sep.

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