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NASDA Feasibility Study Art Project



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Cosmic Sound Sculpture


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The Great Flier



Cosmic Wind Bell


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Sound Wave Sculpture


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Signal from the Sea


From2001, with several people I am proposing "space art project" to NASDA(National Space Development Agency of Japan) as one of a "Feasibility study" for the space resources like ISS. Through the interview of seven Japanese astronauts , I felt the space art will be specialized by the essential of the art.

Art had send strong message to renewal the lifestyle and an outlook on the world on any time. Astronauts expect the art as medicine be stabled the mental. And, all of them talked the beauty of the earth and the earth's precious existence. And they said, the communication between space and the earth is important . I think the theme of Space Art is "The communication between human, the earth and space" and "The unification of human, the earth and space".

The sculptures which are released from the gravity.

1,Cosmic top "Spiral"

Spiral form, which is one of the movement constructions in space, by gyroscope and LED.

Find their possibilities of existences in a gravity-free state.A change in an afterimage of the sight in the zero gravity environment is used effectively .

2,A cosmic wind Bell
"Cosmic Sound Sculpture"
The wind bell in a gravity-free state which can amuse us by the sounds of Japanese bell, parts of musical instruments, hitting each other.

3,"The Great Flier"
Flying performance by flying objects which are invented in pursue of flying that we had been dreamed of.

4,"Cosmic Wind Bell"

5,"Sound Wave Sculpture"
A fluid is made to float in a plastic tube. The form of the fluid is changed by the sound wave. This is the interactive work .

Communication between the space , the earth and the life
"Signal from the Sea"
From the sea which is abound in life, we send signals of light and sound to people in ISS and to the life beyond the space.
Astronauts say that they can see, from the space(300km height), the electric light of fishing boats for squids working in the sea of Japan.
By making the lights of all of these boats flashed, they will be light signals which are perceptible with the naked eye.?
These images will be sent back to the earth, then we will see our existence from the space and sent them to beyond the space.

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