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1948 Born in Tokyo,Japan
1975 M.A. from Tokyo national university of fine arts and music
1983 "ELECTRA"
Musee d' Art Modern de la Ville de Paris
Museum Van Hedendaagse Kunst Antwerpen
1991 MIT(Boston)for Exchange Professer of Visual Art Program
1995〜 One-man exhibition is exhibited in Tokyo, Seoul, Brussels, and so on. The work is exhibited on such as Kita Kyushu City museum, Chiba City museum and Saitama prefectural modern art museum.
He initiated “Cosmic Ray Series” in 1995 and has had the continuity since then. This demonstrates that the cosmic rays captured by a detecting device are transformed into the blue LED.
He started the work used the light of the sun at the same time. Specially, Luna Project (Echigo Tsumari Art Triennial 2000)used moonlight draws attention. It researches about the possibility of the art in the outer space with NASDA (National Space Development Agency of Japan) together from 2001. The new art by the action, the light, the physiology, the fluid and the sound wave was proposed in a zero gravity experiment flight twice. He is a pioneer of the light art. His working field is not only in the museum but also in the space of architecture and display. There is much establishment of the public art in New Tokyo International Airport and so on, too.
  Director of STUDIO PHOTON ,a light art studio in Tokyo.
Professor at University of Tsukuba.
1996 '96 Display Design Excellent Work Prize
(Japan Display Design Association)
  '96 The Minister of international Trade and industry Prize
1998 '98 Display Design Excellent Work Prize and Special Prize
(Japan Display Design Association)
  '98 The Minister of international Trade and industry Grand Prize
  L'OREAL Prize(L'OREAL Art and Science Foundation)
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